Test-bed Sweden

2021-10-08 | University students involved
Three students in the masters course Design and planning for social inclusion (Chalmers ACE) have chosen MICOLL as their ‘client’ for practical work during September–December. Their task is to – in dialogue with residents – come up with ideas on what a test-bed for collaborative building could look like. The chosen place to focus on is the empty former petrol station site next to the fast food kiosk close to Rymdtorget, but this can change as the work progresses. The end product in December can consist of a design proposal for a process, i.e. how the work to create a test-bed can be organized, but can also result in a design proposal for a place.

2021-09-02 | National workshop
A national zoom workshop was carried out with the purpose to share and discuss experiences and insights about opportunities and obstacles linked to collaborative housing for disenfranchised groups in the housing market. The participants have extensive experiences of collaborative housing and their knowledge and insights supported the project to take a step further towards an in-depth understanding of obstacles and opportunities for collaborative housing for migrants.

2021-05-24 | Study visit in Bergsjön and Angered
Today we made a study visit to Bergsjön and Angered which aimed to gather actors who are interested in developing a concrete place to support the development of self-building and co-housing. The visits gave the actors chance to talk to each other about this and develop knowledge together – knowledge which will be used in the research project. We visited some inspiring places where they do local development work with possible connections to self-building and co-housing. We also visited potential places in Bergsjön to suggest as test bed. The study visits and presentations were documented by a filmmaker. The result will be a short film to show to our international partners at a zoom conference in the autumn of 2021, where we will also get to see their work. The film will also be shown in Bergsjön / Angered to spread knowledge about the project.

MICOLL study visit in Bergsjön May 2021

2021-02-26 | The Swedish test-bed is planned to be in the neighbourhood of Bergsjön in Gothenburg.
Today a local zoom-kick-off took place with actors to be informed about the project and be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss participation. Bergsjön, which previously consisted of crofts and farms, was built in its current form 1965-68 as part of the so called Million Programme in Sweden when one million homes were built in ten years throughout the country to solve the great housing shortage and substandard housing conditions in city centers. The area with around 17,000 residents is sparsely built with a lot of nature and car-free parts in the middle. This is much appreciated by the residents, but at the same time the distance between sub-areas is considered a problem. Densification – in the right way – is therefore seen as a potential quality improvement by residents. Pictures: Kartor.