Research Objectives

Research objectives to be met in collaboration with the target group and abovementioned problem owners, are:

  1. To examine the scientific and grey literature in order to deliver a concise state of the art regarding CH for vulnerable groups across Europe, including innovative practices and programmes and especially those involving women and refugees;
  2. To explore synergies and cross-learning from previous research projects in Austria, Sweden and the UK on housing for vulnerable groups, with a focus on refugees. This will serve to a) assess the potential of CH in relation to shelter, equity, integration and well-being of refugees, b) identify actors, processes and institutional systems for the support and upscaling of CH in specific contexts, and c) propose operational recommendations for cities, municipalities, public bodies, middle agents and third sector organisations;
  3. To initiate translation of developed knowledge into pilot implementation processes in Austria, Sweden and the UK, resulting in e.g. test-bed activities or support centres for CH; and
  4. To set up a system for cross-sector knowledge sharing, dissemination and learning, resulting in the launch of an open and collaborative online platform.